Knowing Your Options

Without clear guidance on the options available for further studies, training, and employment, choosing a career can be a very daunting experience. In fact, this leaves many of the youth in South Africa without any plans or goals for the future.

The Sprout Foundation aims to change this social challenge by making information about training, study, and employment opportunities readily available to the youth and assisting them to apply for and achieve these opportunities.

After identifying a group of beneficiaries that require career guidance, The Sprout Foundation will assess what is needed form the group, depending on where they are in their career journeys. For example, the information that is necessary for a matriculant is different to that of a graduate struggling to find a job. Sprout aims to help make career choices as easy and effective as possible. This will aid in addressing unemployment in South Africa.

For high school learners, The Sprout Foundation aims to equip beneficiaries with information regarding different vocations and career fields which they may not yet know of, as well as the information they need to get there. This includes, subject choices, what further studies or training is required, where one can apply and what the requirements for acceptance are.

For unemployed youth or graduates, Sprout aids with the necessary tools and resources to get a job. For example, connecting them to job applications in their desired career field, setting up exceptional CVs, preparing for interviews, applying for IDs and driver’s licences, teaching networking skills and workplace etiquette. Sprout also assists with the applications and guides beneficiaries through the process.

With this information, trustfully, beneficiaries will be equipped to get jobs and earn incomes. Sprout hopes to release groups of great potential employees which institutions and companies can trust for successful candidates.